About Us



Acutek US, Inc. was founded in 1999, by Charley Yoo and his wife, Jeni, starting in a tiny 2,000 sq.ft. facility. Over the years, one thing has remained true: a dedication to producing tight tolerance, high quality parts.

From it's humble beginnings to current day, Acutek US has seen a steady growth, currently employing 60 employees across two facilities totaling 20,000 sq.ft. To accommodate our clients, our shop runs between 2 and 3 shifts as necessary. And to ensure that we continue to provide our current and future clients with the high quality of parts, we keep a total of 5 CMM machines in-house to make sure that we do what we say.

In order to protect the privacy of our clients, we refrain from publicizing who they are, but chances are you have seen our manufactured parts in action whether in the skies, or in space!


Check out this video tour of our facilities!